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iTravel with my iPhone

August 30, 2010

Even though my old phone has been through thick and thin… and countless drops, it was time to move on. And with the Europe trip right around the corner, I decided it was time for a major upgrade. I found that if I upgraded to the new iPhone 4G, there would be three things that would allow me to not only look cool, but also maximize my experience abroad.

•CONVERT: Between the currency and language barriers that we will be facing overseas, I am happy to get help anywhere I can. Enter the app store. With minimal searching, I was able to download just a few simple applications that will help us with the daily obstacles we will be facing. With those things out of the way, we can spend less time worrying and more time experiencing.

•LOCATE: By hopefully tapping into some free wi-fi, we will be able to locate the nearest hostel, cafe… or dare I say… club. So now a question for all of you. How common is free wi-fi over in Europe? Is it more common in some cities more than others?

•SHARE: The biggest reason I decided to go with the iPhone is it’s awesome ability to record and share my stories. I will not only be able to take and upload pictures, but I will also be able to record, edit and upload video in HD. Ah technology, you have come so far.

So I apologize for this break up old phone. Can we still be friends? And not to twist the knife, but this break-up note was completely written on the new love of my life… iPhone. Man I feel like a jerk.

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  1. September 2, 2010 12:53 pm

    Oh Greg, you are just too cute! I can totally picture you rocking the iPhone 4. You just have that suave, techie-but-handsome kind of thing going for you. =) As for that “free” wi-fi, I don’t really recall much of that in Europe. In fact, sometimes it was a battle. A lot of our hotels didn’t even offer wi-fi–period. We hit up a lot of internet cafes. Then again, your budget may call for some nicer overnight locations than we were offered through CAPitalia. =)


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