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Enter The World Showcase

September 2, 2010

For those of you who don’t know, Greg has the magical privilege of working at Disney World.  Recently, I had the magical privilege of visiting him at this fairytale capital.  Disney’s EPCOT is home to a number of attractions, one of which is the cultural explosion known as The World Showcase.  Centered around a beautiful lagoon, The World Showcase is an amazingly unique experience that allows you to basically walk around “the world” and experience tons of different foreign cultures. Of the eight countries we plan to explore, four have representation in The World Showcase: UK, France, Italy and Germany.

With months of Internet and book research already under out belts, Greg and I thought, “What better way to take our preparations to the next level than to get information directly from the mouths of natives?”  So we spent an evening in EPCOT gallivanting around the pavilions of The World Showcase in search of cultural representatives to give us some unique and local insights into their homeland.  We asked questions like, “If we had one day in your city, what should we do/see?” and “What tourist attraction would you say is somewhat overrated?”  We also wanted to know any specific local treasures, such as delicious places or meals to eat, rockin’ discos to try out or anything else that may be off the beaten path and could take us beyond surface tourism.

As you’ll see, we met plenty of folks with more than enough tips and information to get us started in any of their respective cities.  Along with great information, we also got our first glimpse into the language/accent challenges we’ll likely run into.  Although all of these people spoke English with us, there were plenty of times when I was glad the camera was rolling so I could go back and dissect just what they were trying to tell me at the time.

Hopefully some of their insights and advice can help any of you planning to go trotting across the pond to these places as well.  If you want a more complete list of some of the places that didn’t make the video, tweet at us and let us know.  We’d be happy to share.  And stay tuned for more video installments of eurobites!

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  1. September 8, 2010 1:02 am


    I LOVE IT.

    “Oh…hey guys. Was talking to a friend. Good times.” HAHAHAHAHAHAH


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