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The Final Countdown

October 21, 2010

So my last week before Europe was a bit relaxing because I was away from work. Emphasis on the ‘bit.’ I still had plenty to do. And there was still plenty to go wrong. We thought we were pretty much set to go and had everything organized and in order. Oh but there were so many ways that was wrong.

Much like writing a paper or studying for a final, the last minute details always get ya. The three of us had plenty of Skype/Phone meetings to figure out “Oh yeah, where are we staying in London??” along with several other details. Finding a place in London alone took a few hours. And we’re still working on it while we’re here in London.

My Eurail pass still hadn’t arrived two days before I left. Turns out FedEx had been sending it to the wrong address. And after they try so many times, they just send it back to where it came from… in Arizona. So after several phone calls, an hour and a half of driving and more phone calls, I had it reissued and express shipped to me the next day (free of charge, mind you).

Possibly the worst of all, the GaGa tickets hadn’t arrived. Cue screams, panic attacks, tears and rage. Once again, some more phone calls and that was straightened out. Whew! There were still things to work out with my bank, which meant some visits and MORE phone calls. All this and more were packed into 4 days. Jealous?

But like I said, I did find a bit of time to relax, spend some time with some friends and family, and mentally prepare for the trip ahead (who are we kidding? that last one’s a joke). This video takes care of some of the simpler things I had to take care of and perhaps some of the more fun.

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