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The Current State of Things

October 28, 2010

One week and one city in and I can still hardly believe it. So much has happened already, it’s crazy to think we have so much left ahead of us. Everything is happening so fast and it’s all so larger than life that I’m surprisingly calm. It’s a weird feeling to sit back and realize that one of your greatest dreams is coming true in every way you had hoped.

I am in this constant high and sometimes I just can’t help but smile and get a little giddy. It’s like living in a movie. Just sitting on the Tube listening to the different accents gets me grinning, ESPECIALLY the kids. I don’t care if they’re whining or bratty. If the kid has an accent, it’s adorable and I love it!

Sometimes I feel like I am so excited I could burst. But it’s like as I reach these extremely heightened emotions, I have almost an anti-reaction. Not in a bad or negative way by any means. I’m still taking everything in and enjoying every second of it. I’m just not bouncing off the walls about it like I thought I would.

It hasn’t all been easy, that’s for sure. In London alone, we stayed in three different places. I think this is going to be our biggest challenge. Finding a bed to sleep in can be a long, strenuous, expensive and sometimes near-impossible task. Cutting Paris was a decision that I think we were all ok with given the circumstances. However, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

We now had nine extra days to play with. We considered locations to add, existing stops we could spend more time in, and nearly rearranging the entire trip. But this is of course a game of timing, price, availability and common sense. As our time in London was running out, we knew we had to at least decide where we were going next. Amsterdam it is. Then we had to find a place to stay on extremely short notice. After a lot of searching, we booked a place last night. We arrived in Amsterdam today (after leaving our London hostel at 5am) and have a place to stay for the first two nights. After that, we’re not so sure at the moment.

With extra days to disperse and after several travelers in London said that we would DEFINITELY want to spend more time in Amsterdam and that “Amsterdam will get ya!” we decided to extend our time here in Amsterdam from what we originally planned.  Just stepping off the train this afternoon, I can tell this is going to be a completely different experience than London. Foreign speech fills my ears down every street and my eyes are bombarded with unfamiliar text around every corner. Any challenges we faced in London just got amplified by a factor of 100.

Still, I am nothing but excited. Even beyond the language barrier, Amsterdam is already a completely different city. Just on the way to our hostel, we passed tons of quirky shops in a maze of narrow pedestrian streets, and I’m pretty sure I got a contact high just from the smoke wafting out of “coffee shops.”

Sometimes I have to take a moment, picture myself on a map and fully realize where I am and that I’m so far from home. Like I said, there is still so much ahead of us. This journey has barely begun, and we’ve already proven that anything can happen. So I hope you’re hungry little nibblers, because there’s no telling what the next course of Eurobites will bring.

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  1. October 29, 2010 2:57 am

    The good thing is that absolutely everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) speaks English in Amsterdam. You’re warming into this adventure nicely. I wish you were coming to Paris!

  2. Rene permalink
    November 1, 2010 9:55 pm

    None of my family and friends in Germany heard about the troubles in Paris, this must be the everytime “we don’t want to work more than 30 hours a week and keep the retirement age at 50 – so we burn cars and don’t work!”-shit. I LOVE FRANCE 😀
    But finally you arrived in Berlin! Wish you three a further great time – keep it rockin!

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