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A Night Out with the Locals

November 24, 2010

When traveling, you experience the city completely differently than those who live there locally. The food you eat, the sites you see, everything. Up until Hamburg, we had been seeing the city through the eyes of a traveler, more or less. Yes we had been out with our amazing couch surfers, who we absolutely adore, but going out with the locals in Hamburg shed new light on our view of the city.

Where do I begin… maybe just a little background information first. When we got to Hamburg we stayed with Dustin and his family. Dustin studied in Shelbyville back in High School to experience big city America, or something like that. So now that Dustin had experienced local life in Shelbyville, Indiana, the Shoenrocks graciously opened up their home for all three of us. A truly wonderful family. Ok, now you are caught up.

On our second night in Hamburg, Dustin and his school friends were all getting together to celebrate the passing of a big exam, hopefully. We all met at the grocery store to pick up the essentials needed for a Mexican fiesta, tortillas and tequila of course. We headed back to a friend’s apartment to start cooking. As we unloaded the groceries, we realized there were six bottles of tequila. How big was the guest list? Eleven people… you do the math. Time check: 19:00

The dinner was absolutely wonderful. Burritos until you burst! And paired so nicely with the burritos was a tequila sunrise. It was the perfect dinner of eating, drinking and trying to understand German. After dinner we all continued to talk then all of a sudden, the shot glasses appeared. Time check: 23:00

Now it was time to head into the city. We jumped onto the subway which was full of other 20 somethings going into the city for a night out as well. When we came up, we had arrived at the Reeperbahn, Hamburg’s red light district. Unlike Berlin, Hamburg’s bars are all located on one street, which makes picking the right bar extremely difficult. But don’t worry, we had the locals with us. And where did they take us? A bar named “The Funky Pussy.” I do not lie. Time check: 1:00

We didn’t stay at The Funky Pussy for too long, which was fine by me. The line for the coat check was longer than the line for drinks, and the smoke and haze made breathing close to impossible. So we ventured back out to find our final stop for the night. After climbing a flight of stairs we entered into an Irish Karaoke Pub. Jackpot! We settled in, got ourselves a pint of good German beer, and started selecting our song. With no BSB or NSYNC, we had no choice but to sing some Whitney Houston. Time check: 3:00

After a thunderous applause, we were handed a bottle of champaign by the DJ. Apparently we sounded so much like Whitney, it deserved a free bottle of champaign. Or maybe he just felt sorry for us. Either way, we passed the campaign and slowing started to saying goodbye to everyone as they headed home. After realizing we were the last people in our group there, we gathered our things and headed to the subway. Time check: 5:00

When we arrived home, Dustin’s sister Lynn was waiting with tall glasses of water and a warm loaf of bread. The perfect end to the perfect evening… or should I say morning? Either way, we got to take off our tourist googles for the night and see the city of Hamburg in its truest form…. through the lenses of tequila, beer, and champaign. Just like the locals.

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  1. Maki Lane permalink
    November 24, 2010 2:07 pm

    This is a GREAT story! I laughed through the whole post! That’s so lucky you got to spend time with a local family, and see how they live! How amazing!

  2. Amy permalink
    November 25, 2010 12:05 am

    Bahaha! Funky Pussy!
    Mexican night makes me miss all our fun times this summer Eric.
    I’m sure this one was MUCH more fun though!
    Miss you guys, major!

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