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it’s a small world after all

November 30, 2010

Sometimes Fate likes to have a bit a fun with you. Lately Fate has been having a grand old time with us and a pair of Aussies.

We met Mick and Clare on a bar crawl back in Berlin. They’re a couple that are traveling through Europe before they start working in England after the holidays. We had a great time with them during the pub crawl and exchanged travel plans and realized we would be following each others for the next few cities. When the night ended we said our goodbyes, not sure if we would actually see them again.

Guess who we see the next day in our hostel lobby? There was Mick and Clare having a beer and watching the football game. Encounter #1.

After Berlin we headed to Hamburg for a week and then down to Prague. We knew that Mick and Clare were there, but that week we were staying in a short stay apartment so we knew we would have to reach out on Facebook in order to see them. The next day we were standing in line waiting for some Harry Potter tickets and who do we pass? The Aussie couple with a pair of tickets to the same show! Encounter #2.

After Prague we left for Budapest with the intent of seeing them both again once we found a time to all grab a beer together. Before we even had a chance to send a message, we run into them again at the free walking tour of the city. Encounter #3.

Since then we have tried to meet up for drinks but it never seemed to work out. It seemed like Fate was the only one who liked to bring us together. Mick and Clare and now heading further east as we head west to Rome. We never had a chance to say a proper goodbye. But I guess that is the way traveling works. We will be waiting for the next time Fate wants to bring us and our Aussie friends together again.

Goodbye Mick an Clare! It was wonderful meeting you guys! Safe travels and have a Merry Christmas in Vienna 🙂

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