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Chaos as of Late: Part 1

December 6, 2010

I’ll start this message by saying that we have quite a bit of catching up to do little nibblers. So much that it can’t all be taken care of in one post. More fun videos and pictures and such to come very soon. But this an urgent message that we thought you needed to know right away. So get comfortable. Fasten your safety belts. And take a deep breath because we’re going on a roller coaster.

Chaos: Part 1

It all began as our amazing stay in Budapest was coming to a close. We needed to get to Rome. If you’re not already familiar, one glance at a map will tell you that that’s quite an ambitious train ride, to say the least. We considered making a pit stop in northern Italy to break up the trip but then decided to suck it and prepare for the longest train ride of our lives.

So we left our hostel at 5am and caught our 7am train. Keep in mind that we’d had quite the going away celebrations the night before. Once on the train, we were tired and uncomfortable. We made one connection to another train. We then made another stop in the southern town of Villach, Austria (of which we knew nothing at the time). We were to connect to a bus here and head to Venice, still destined for Rome.

Unbeknownst to us, we needed a reservation for said train. We realized this as the bus arrived. We ran to the ticket desk (each one of us carrying upwards of 50 lbs in baggage on our shoulders) and asked for a reservation for the bus to Venice. Realizing the urgency of the situation, the helpful ticket woman quickly printed us three tickets just in time for us to run out the door and watch our bus drive away. We returned to the ticket booth, defeated, and were told that the next bus to Venice was the next day. However, there was a train going directly to Rome that left at midnight that night. Well that was better than nothing.

But where were we? We had no idea. When we saw the name, we weren’t even sure what country it was in, nor were we sure how to pronounce it. But we had about 9 hours to kill there, so there was plenty of time to find out what Villach, Austria (we later deduced) was all about. With nowhere to store our backpacks, and about a foot of snow on the ground (and more falling), we set out to explore. As we began our trek, we actually found Villach to be very quaint and actually quite nice.

Christmas lights decorated the pedestrian streets, with a giant Christmas tree as the centerpiece. There were covered outdoor bars with heating units, people walking around and a Christmas market. It would have, of course, been nicer to explore this winter wonderland sans backpack. But it was still nice to wandered for a while. We found somewhere to get schnitzel and then found a McDonald’s where we were able to nab some wifi, which we used to inform our Rome hostel of our situation. I won’t delve into much more detail of our time in Villach, because honestly there’s not much more detail in which to delve. I will say that 9 hours is quite a long time to kill. But we somehow made it to midnight and hopped on the train, tired and ready to sleep.

But of course it wasn’t that simple. When we got on the train, we found ourselves sharing a couchette with not only our baggage, but also two other women. And let me tell you, those couchettes aren’t that big to start with. And to top it all off, the seats had absolutely NO recline to them. They sat STRAIGHT up. We were on that train for 9 hours, and I’m sure slept, in total, maybe an hour.

We arrived in Rome at around 9am. We dragged ourselves off the train and hobbled to our hostel. Upon arrival, we were informed that we were still charged for the previous night when we were stranded in Austria. Awesome. As exhausted as we were, we knew we didn’t have much time in Rome, so we grabbed a map and headed out to explore some old Roman stuff.

And it is there that I will leave you for now. But rest assured that Chaos: Part 2 is easily even more of a travesty. JD, if you’re reading this (and you better be), we hope you’re satisfied with the catastrophes that have occurred.

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  1. December 6, 2010 7:01 pm

    glad im not a JD, but that suckxx. no sleep?! and not on purpose? ouch!

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