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60 Second Cities: Prague

December 5, 2010

The city of 1,000 spires boiled down to 60 seconds. See how we spent our time in this beautiful city.


What’s on my Plate: Prague menu

December 2, 2010

Sometimes it’s not whats on your plate that makes a good meal, but it’s where you are sitting. So this week I am going to tell you not about what I ate, but where I ate it.

In the beautiful city of Prague, there is a wonderful little restaurant by the name of Klub Architektu. As you might have gathered from the name, it is a restaurant adjoining an architectural center. If you are going after sunset, be prepared as it is a bit difficult to find, even with a map handy. It is located next to the Betlemska Chapel in a small alley way. Look for the name of the restaurant written on the wall of the alley.

Once you get inside, you head down stairs into the cellar where you will be seated beneath the barrel ceilings. The low lighting and brick walls make for the perfect atmosphere for a meal with a few friends or a romantic date.

The food is traditional Czech cuisine at a very reasonable price. The three of us were able to all eat and drink for around 60 USD.After dinner head back upstairs and into the center shop to find a great selection of design books, gifts and frankly, really cool stuff.

So next time you find yourself in Prague, and I know you all will, head to Klub Architektu for a truly designed eating experience.

My Girl Tessa

December 1, 2010

As many of you will recall, we put out a Thanksgiving contest a while back. We had plenty of people participate. However, there was one clear winner. A mere five minutes after the contest officially opened, she was there with the correct answer. Congratulations Tessa Pobanz! Quite the loyal little nibbler.

We thought long and hard about what your prize should be, and when we found this freestyling English chap in our hostel, we knew we had something special for you.

Keep in mind, Simon doesn’t know Tessa at all. And basically all he had to use was a Facebook picture and the fact that she studied architecture with me. The rest was up to creativity.

So here it is. The first single by Simon White, entitled “My Girl Tessa.”

And by the way, if you’re watching this in class or in the office, you may want to put on headphones.

it’s a small world after all

November 30, 2010

Sometimes Fate likes to have a bit a fun with you. Lately Fate has been having a grand old time with us and a pair of Aussies.

We met Mick and Clare on a bar crawl back in Berlin. They’re a couple that are traveling through Europe before they start working in England after the holidays. We had a great time with them during the pub crawl and exchanged travel plans and realized we would be following each others for the next few cities. When the night ended we said our goodbyes, not sure if we would actually see them again.

Guess who we see the next day in our hostel lobby? There was Mick and Clare having a beer and watching the football game. Encounter #1.

After Berlin we headed to Hamburg for a week and then down to Prague. We knew that Mick and Clare were there, but that week we were staying in a short stay apartment so we knew we would have to reach out on Facebook in order to see them. The next day we were standing in line waiting for some Harry Potter tickets and who do we pass? The Aussie couple with a pair of tickets to the same show! Encounter #2.

After Prague we left for Budapest with the intent of seeing them both again once we found a time to all grab a beer together. Before we even had a chance to send a message, we run into them again at the free walking tour of the city. Encounter #3.

Since then we have tried to meet up for drinks but it never seemed to work out. It seemed like Fate was the only one who liked to bring us together. Mick and Clare and now heading further east as we head west to Rome. We never had a chance to say a proper goodbye. But I guess that is the way traveling works. We will be waiting for the next time Fate wants to bring us and our Aussie friends together again.

Goodbye Mick an Clare! It was wonderful meeting you guys! Safe travels and have a Merry Christmas in Vienna 🙂

Turkish Meatballs & Sauce

November 28, 2010

Upon request, here is the recipe to the DELICIOUS Turkish meatballs that our lovely Hamburg host family made us. Enjoy!

1 ) With about 2 lbs ground beef, make little meatballs (about the size of a golfball) with 1 egg, salt & pepper, and mint

2 ) Fry the meatballs in a pan

3 ) Put them in a gratin dish

4 ) Cut 1-1.5 zucchini, 1 red pepper and 1 onion –> saute in pan

5 ) Put veggies over the meatballs in the gratin dish

6 ) For sauce –> mix about 21 ounces Greek yogurt, fresh mint and salt

7 ) Pour sauce over everything in the dish

8 ) Put in oven at 400

(Serving 4 people)

60 Second Cities: Hamburg

November 27, 2010

You know the drill. We’ve got 60 seconds and 1 take to describe an entire city. Some of us are a little better than others… 🙂

Sketch Time in Prague: Don’t Look Doodles

November 26, 2010

Back in architecture school, we use to have a sketching exercise. Pick an object and draw it without looking at the paper or picking up the pen. The results are usually awful but always entertaining. I highly encourage all of you to try it the next wine night you have with friends.

So enjoy this week’s Sketch Time and see the results after we all sketched each other. I think they have striking resemblance. Just call us the next Picassos.

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